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Boost performance by integrating machine vision directly in the PLC runtime

Vision equipment is an increasingly integral part of new machines today and leading machine builders are improving performance by leveraging PC-based automation that integrates machine vision and image processing into the controls programming environment. 

Download the Beckhoff Automation white paper “Integrating Machine Vision Directly in the PLC Runtime Boosts Performance” to gain valuable insights into this innovative approach, including: 

  The challenges associated with traditional machine vision setups.

 How standalone vision equipment can cause delays and bottlenecks, affecting efficiency and throughput.

 Why leading machine builders are integrating vision directly into the machine controller.

  The scalable options offered by industrial PCs for image processing projects.

  How a fully integrated platform, like TwinCAT, can simplify vision projects, enhance control system synchronization, and provide a robust networking solution.


Synchronized real-time image processing

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Aixemtec GmbH used a time-consuming PTP process, but TwinCAT Vision streamlined their setup process, reducing it by a factor of eight or more. It eliminated the need for pausing after each image capture, enabling real-time pixel-precise image composition. This simplified the identification and measurement of micro-lenses for efficient pick-and-place operations.