PC based control automation

Debunking misconceptions about PC-based control vs PLC

PC-based control systems have been shown to provide enhanced industrial automation compared to PLCs, providing superior performance, cost-effectiveness, and extended system life cycles. 

Get valuable insights including:

  Common misconceptions about PC-based control and why they are unfounded

 The advantages of PC-based control in industrial automation, including performance, reduction of hardware, obsolescence protection, and more

 How Canadian engineering leaders have driven growth and innovation with PC-based control

 The driving forces behind the increasing interest in distributed control

What engineering leaders say about PC-based controls

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"A major draw of PC-based control was – and continues to be – the ability to integrate third-party technologies on one platform. I was blown away by the technology and the service from Beckhoff Canada, and a complete solution cost less than just the HMI and controller hardware from our legacy PLC vendor.”

Dean Jacobs
Principal Automation Engineer
LJ Welding Automation

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"While the automation technologies from Beckhoff are high performing and very reliable, the company’s support is also very helpful and responsive. All in all, the move to EtherCAT and PC-based automation has proven to be an excellent decision for us and our customers."

Louis Dicaire
General Manager and Co-owner
AGT Robotics